SyRAP Agricultural Program


Syracuse Refugee Agriculture Partnership Program

About SyRAPP:

SyRAP is a training program for refugees who are interested in starting their own farming business or acquiring farmland. Farmers go through three years of ESOL, agriculture, gardening, marketing, and business training before they lease or buy land on their own. As part of their training, they are required to attend classes taught in partnership with Cornell Cooperative Extension and Brady Farm during years 1-3 of the program and farm individual 1/8 or 1/4 acre plots.  

Increasing self sustainability, 

decreasing food insecurity.  

Where We Farm:

There are two facets to the SyRAP Program: the Community Gardens and the Incubator Farm. One of the biggest challenges facing refugee farmers if access to transportation and land. To solve this problem, SyRAP has two community gardens located on the Northside of Syracuse that are near the farmer’s homes. The locations are 120 Seward St. and 2033/2035 Lodi St. The Lodi Street Garden also doubles as a Farmer’s Market to train SyRAP farmers how to sell produce to consumers. 

SyRAP farmers additionally have access to an Incubator Farm at the Salt City Harvest Farm in Kirkville, NY, where they are then able to farm on individual 1/4 or 1/8 acre plots. These plots not only increase the growing capacity of the farmers in SyRAP, but it also allows farmers to experiment with speciality crops from their home countries to see how well they grow in the Syracuse climate.

How Can I Support SyRAPP?
If SyRAP sounds like a program that you would like to support, then please contact Agriculture Programs Director Brandy Colebrook at There are many volunteer opportunities, and donations are always welcome!