Here are just a few of the examples for how the IDA Program can change lives!

“Being single mother with little children, I was taking the bus and sometimes walking with my children to their Medical appointments. With the training and the support that I received from Isabelle and her staff, I now know how to save money for my family and I have a car that I own through the program that RISE offered to me. I’m now so thankful to Isabelle and her staff.”  Rokhiya Khatum, IDA Program Graduate

“When I wanted a ride to my Job and to my medical appointment, I had to ask my father to give me a ride, my father who has uncontrollable diabetes. I knew it was tough for my father but he had to do it because I’m his daughter and he loves me. When I got the car through the IDA program, my father was relieved and we were able to start only focusing on how to better my father’s health. RISE made difference in my family because my father diabetes has gotten under control since I got the car. On behalf of my father and I, we thank the whole RISE team.” Safia Issak, IDA Program Graduate

“I learned so much from the class that I was offered by Isabelle and her team which included how to save money, how the bank works, the procedures for taking loans, how to increase income and etc. Through the IDA program, I’m now driving my own car to my work. Isabelle and her staff; I do really appreciate Your enormous support.” Garane Aden, IDA Program Graduate