Assists refugees & immigrants in gaining and maintaining stable employment that contributes to the local economy and their self-sufficiency.

RISE believes that gaining and maintaining steady employment plays a critical role in becoming empowered and self-sufficient. Partnering with many local companies, RISE has expanded its employment network and provides a growing number of refugees & immigrants with long-term employment. The Employment Services offered at RISE include:

  • Assistance with Job Applications
  • Mock Job Interviews
  • Resume Creation & Revision
  • Transportation to Job Fairs/ Interviews
  • Job Referrals & References
  • Networking & Skills Workshop
  • 142 clients placed in jobs
  • 1267 clients received employment services in 2019

RISE Client Spotlight: Bhim and Dil Dahal 

Bhim and Dil Dahal moved from Nepal to the US in April of 2010. Dil brought with her some experience in sewing and wished to pursue a career in the same field. In the course of her job search, Dil was interviewed at Syracuse Scenery Stage and Lighting Co Inc. in December of that same year, but was not offered a position.

Ten years later, Bhim and Dil decided to come to RISE for help finding a job. Two days after their first appointment with a member of the RISE Employment team, Dil received and accepted a job offer from the same company that rejected her application ten years before. At the same time, Dil’s husband, Bhim, was desperately seeking a career change after leaving his previous job in December of 2019. Thanks to the RISE Employment Department, Bhim was able to secure a well paying job at Walmart within the Baking Department as a Cake Decorator.

The success stories of clients like Dil and Bhim motivate the RISE Employment Department to continue to support and assist community members towards better opportunities and advanced career paths.