Education Initiatives

The ability to read and write is key to communicating within one’s environment and becoming self-sufficient.  RISE promotes literacy through a number of programs including:

  • Youth training programs and workshops
  • After school activities
  • ESL Class – Our English as a Second Language class is an educational opportunity for the immigrant and the refugee parents who need to improve their English language. 95% of the students we teach during the weekend never attended school.
    • Our ESL classes are divided into Beginner and Intermediate. We have two beginners and one Intermediate class.
    • Individualized learning programs to gain the skills necessary to be independent.
    • In our ESL classes we focus on real-life situations, providing students with the practical help they need
    • Our goal in the ESL classes is understanding and communication. Our students will be able to understand what they hear, speak and write so that others understand them, read with comprehension and express them on paper. To make sure our students understand, we explain the lessons in their language.