Interpretation Services

The RISE Interpretation Service was created in 2013 to provide high-quality interpretation services for individuals whose primary language is not English.  Our interpreters are well-trained professionals who can provide interpretation services in several settings.  Our interpreters are either certified or professionally qualified, and are ready to work with you and for you.  Our interpreters are specialized in legal, medical, mental health and/or community interpreting.

Our services are for parents, students, teachers, medical professionals, social service providers, city government officials, landlords, tenants and in mental health settings. 

RISE Interpreters are available for:

  • Medical interpretations: Our staff of certified medical interpreters is made up of the highest quality professionals — able to provide the most accurate medical interpreting which will help ensure your patients receive excellent care.
  • Mental Health Services: Our interpreters are trained in mental health settings and can provide mental health service interpretation.
  • Legal Interpreting: RISE Interpretation Services understands you may need foreign language interpreters who are familiar with legal terminology for court hearings or official matters. We have a team of court-certified interpreters who are foreign language speakers, in addition to English. They hold both the required education and applicable experience. They are certified by the appropriate courts to ensure we meet the required skills, knowledge and abilities to perform the task of facilitating communication during courtroom proceedings.
  • Community Interpretation: We have a team of professional interpreters who are able to help in a variety of settings, including (but not limited to) personal interpretation, business negotiations, contract signing, house showings, school meetings and other academic issues, employment related, and social service consultations.
  • Cultural Brokering: When interpretation is not enough, RISE interpreters are available to provide cultural brokering services. Conducted in almost any setting, these more enhanced services can be customized to meet each client’s needs, and help to better educate both clients and service providers.

Languages Available:  Somali, Maay Maay, Swahili, Amheric, Nepalese, Oromo. If you need other languages please let us know we can sure find one for you