The physical journey to the United States from elsewhere is only part of the immigration journey. After immigrants and refugees arrive in America, there are appointments, paperwork, and other requirements that one must meet and complete before they can fully settle in to their new environment. RISE aims to serve as a bridge during this time of transition.

  • Assistance completing government documents
  • Citizenship Class – The RISE Citizenship Program started in September of 2009. The citizenship class was designed to help immigrant and refugee parents who are legal residents to become U.S citizens. Over one hundred students from our program have become U.S citizens and the number is increasing every month. Our goal is to make sure every immigrant and refugee who are legal permanent residents, will become U.S citizens. Our citizenship program has been a success and has become one of the most effective citizenship programs in our area. The students in our citizenship classes are from different countries and ethnic groups. Students in our citizenship classes will learn three things:


  1. How to approach the 100 questions designed by the USCIS.
  2. How to complete the necessary reading.
  3. How to complete of the writing portion.

We help parents in our program with the naturalization application (N-400 application) for free and before we apply for our students they must know the three categories mentioned above. We test parents in their reading, writing and speaking skills before we even apply for them. Once we apply, we test them every week in the three parts above. On top of that we interview them (acting like a USCIS officer) to make sure they are ready for the real interview with a real USCIS officer. That is why 100% of our students have never failed their interview.