Parenting Program

Mother and child doing arts and crafts

Our parenting workshops will not only be covering basic parenting styles but a variety of topics such as culture, religion, tradition and much more because coming from different cultures, religions, traditions and totally different environmental backgrounds other than from the United States can be really tough. Many parents are still struggling till on how to discipline their children in what we call the “American way”. Many parents we work with are illiterate even in their own language however this page will help them with other ways of disciplining their children. On the other hand, disciplining isn’t the only parenting style that should be sought, but it also greater understanding between parents and children because that is the most important thing that many parents in today’s world need to know. The more understanding there is between the parents and their children the more the family conflicts decrease. This page will not only help parents, but also service providers. It will break down the differences in culture, language barriers and much more.

Parenting classes are conducted to educate parents about different ways of parenting which includes disciplining your children in the U.S and what we call the “Cans & Can’ts of disciplining.

We are in the process of creating a parenting pamphlet translated into Somali language and videos that explain ways of disciplining and parenting in this country.